The League of X Warriors - Secret Organization

It is a closely bound group of elites with superior motives for wellbeing of the mankind. The imperial past of the society is secured and strengthened by unique rituals followed dutifully by the members to date. Tracing various parts of the globe, the Secret Organization has grown in amplitude in terms of members and mission since its origin dated older than ever documented. It has worked to prevent wars by providing strategic warning of sorts. It has helped to reduce the growing tensions among the nations. It has ensured smooth working of the country governance by conducting activities much above the regulations of politics. With passing years, the organization kept forming bodies with members of highest potential and skillset from different fields of military, advanced science, medicine and from higher governing bodies.


It is believed that an Angel, named Ophanim was sent to earth from the realm of god, when the world was tumbling towards its impending end. Men were fighting each other over survival, children were turning to a sack of bones due to acute famine and millions were facing death as an epidemic of unheard magnitude was rampant. He worked to provide for the indigents and to exterminate the miscreants. Amid this horrific situation, an orthodox sect existed which rebelled his actions and treatment as it believed it to be against the law of nature and will of God. It proclaimed God Himself has sent the illness to curb the population and to punish the evil. God has created this state of affairs to cleanse the world of sinners who didn’t pray or kneel down before Him. Medicine was seen as against divine intentions. The Sect was against human intervention in Gods plans. Ophanim devised a plan to secretly heel. With the help of a handful folks whom he trusted, he imparted medicine disguised in the Holy Water in the famous Copper Goblet of the City Chapel. Over the course of one year the contagion started to disappear, and so did the sickness in people's minds. The city grew greener while peace stepped inside their hearts. The Chapel was hailed as the savior oblivious to the inner workings of a human. After all human is an ultimate warrior, an incarnation of god to serve mankind.

Features and Workings

The League of X Warriors is known only to its members and remains impervious to the outer world. The classified motives, shadow workings and weapons remain within the fortified walls of the organization. An underground vault with Z-security safely shelters the mysterious weapons and defense powers. One must strictly adhere to the rules. The arrangement shall stay unbroken as long as one remains loyal or unbeaten on field. If found with charges of treachery or duplicity, the organization shows no mercy and one disappear from earth leaving no trace.

The League of X Warriors meets every month or when eminent crisis surfaces. The members are summoned via secret invites containing encrypted messages, personally delivered by the gatekeepers of the organization. A unique key is then generated and supplied by the gatekeeper to decode the message. The deciphered message self-erases and the parchment self-destroys within 15 minutes of being read. A stalwart clan of amazon warriors serves as security personnel and constantly monitors to sense danger and provide protection. Each member is provided with a panic buzzer through which he can alert the organization, which in turn safely transfers him to a safe house, normally a secret dungeon, undetectable by any satellite. The Organization doesn’t budge to any external pressures. The elite members of religious sector and defense enable the smooth workings.

Current Situation

The Arctic region witnessed a huge explosion resulting in the formation of a giant crater of the size of a football stadium running several kilometers deep. Being scarcely populated, it went mostly unnoticed or was assumed to be a nuke test of sorts. When the area was investigated by the scientists, apparently nothing was found. However, after a week, the satellite perceived some activity and captured unusual pictures in the ice-cold terrain. Millions of minute black circles were lining the crater. A month passed and these tiny circles grew up to the size of a moth. Some movements were seen and it was inferred that these mysterious creatures were definitely not from earth. It will be a matter of few months before the crater will be housing an army of these aliens if only they grow as per the calculated speed. Soon after the concerned establishments are notified about the issue, the reporting satellite goes into auto shutdown mode. Aircrafts and drones are sent to the area to gather further information but none of them return back or report anything. The creatures don’t prefer to be made public. Panic begins to mount and it’s time for drastic measures must be taken.