Shadow on Concrete Wall


The Secret Organization (The League of the X Warriors) is on a worldwide hunt for warriors, patriots and kings with leadership qualities, folks with sound mind and capabilities from across the world. It is building an army of powerful strong men and women to take forward their mission of saving the world. It has launched XBattle series in this direction. Arrangements are made of multiple formats to test, judge and select people. XBattle offers mysterious weapons with enhanced fighting abilities such as Swords, Hammers, Daggers, Axe and Guns. Special set of Defense Powers are provided too to the warriors in the field such as Invisibility, Teleportation, Shield and Speed. It’s a brilliant opportunity for the warriors who dream to serve a purpose in life, who yearn to prove themselves and make a mark in the world. Only the warriors who come out of XBattle as leaders are worthy to be the X WARRIORS.

Marble Surface

X-Battle Champions : Mortal Fighting Arena

The League of X-Warriors has organized a secret fight club in the time of eminent crisis called the X-Battle Champions. The legendary warriors are summoned with elite invites. Godly Weapons created by ancient master forgers held underground with Z-security, are staged for every member to choose their relics to attack and defend.

Once geared up, the special squad of players are teleported to one of the battle arenas to assemble for war. We have 6 Arenas in the dark shadows of the world. Foremost is the Athena’s Ring of War, which lies in the midst of a quite island surrounded by mist. Second is Quarantined City of X-Virus, having history of mutated virus tested on soldiers. Third is the SkyRack arena in the stratosphere, which has been a training ground for warriors. Forth is RockGuard Prison having a gladiator style ground for battle. Fifth is Stadium build in the crater of destruction. And sixth is the Rebel Forest in the enchanted valley of ancient mountains.

The epic war is governed between 8 warriors in 8 rounds in which every warrior gets to be an assassin to attack the defenders. The assassin conjures power from the chosen weapon with only one objective to kill the defenders, while they conjure powers for survival. The defenders who survive the round or assassin who scores multiple kills, holds the prime status in the X-Battle scoreboard.

Main Features :

• Play action packed survival game with players around the globe in online multiplayer.
• Play random matches 1v1 to 8v8 in public and private rooms.
• Earn free coins by referring code to friends and family.
• Send friend request and invite for private match.
• Choose your character from 12 highly skilled trained assassins.
• Choose your weapon from sword, axe, hammer, dagger, gun.
• Choose your powers from Invisibility, Speed, Force Shield, Teleportation, High jump.
• Winner takes away reward coins.
• Compete with global scores on leaderboards in skills of wins, kills and survival.

The 12 Characters : Amara, Ruyan, Monk, Ethan, Eveyar, Revanche, Jaelyn, Dustin, Psycho, Evanna, Bob and Iron Storm having ultimate fighting skills will assist you to win your match. Choose your mortal Hero and showcase your talent in PVP combat to rank above all on the leaderboard. This battle royale between assassin and defender will result death of many but survival of the prime hero in the game. The shadow organization, the League of X-Warriors have emerged with superior motives. Its time to overcome your fears and win the X-Battle Champions in the arena of war.