She is a beautiful warrior woman walking tall by the daffodils, in a hidden city of Lakemoor at the foothills of the Elbrus Mountains. She was aware of the effect her slender looks had on others. She moved around in style. Neighbouring male warriors were held captive of her deep brown eyes. Seldom was she affected by the pouring appreciation. World needs more of love and laughter, she knows that. When she sits by the river to train others, her pleasant manner and kindness add colours to evening skies. She is fierce yet vigilant. She battles to return only victorious. The tales of war and weapons are implanted in her, making her invincible. From collecting blocks of courage to being the strongest in her clan, the battles that she has won with herself and others have strengthened the warrior in her. Trained incessantly by the women of her tribe, she has outclassed them all in fencing/ sword fighting.


Her strength lies in her hypersonic execution. Her sword swings are imperceivable to the human eye, rendering opponents momentarily blind. In face of danger, she manifests herself as a hungry predator, leaving no space for the enemy to break free. She takes extreme pride in uplifting other young women warriors of her kingdom. She is the woman of courage in her veins through her nails.


He served as a warrior close to the general. He loves his country and he is a true patriot like his father. He was an honest officer but saw disloyalty and artifice all around him. He has seen the lynching and duplicity up to the highest levels in the organisation. He quit the nefarious system and built an army of his own. He launched a coherent plan, collected rare gems from different fields and polished them to be fighters. He believes he can cleanse the nation of deceit and treachery. He is eager to bring new norms. He dreams to see a country free from shenanigans.


His skills are rare, his energies huge. He has a photographic memory much useful in tracing war zone details. He is quick with his feet. Thrusts from his daggers can leave an enemy immobile. He is quick to assess the situation and acts with intent to inflict harm. His superior decision making has rendered him an efficient warrior most suitable to wage war against the traitors.


A warrior monk from Cloudland lives his life today in solitude in the caves. He heard the stories of ascend when he was a kid. Hailing from a family of Sherpa, he went on to become an elite mountaineer. He was immeasurably valuable to Himalayan explorers. He assisted them at edgy peaks and steep passes. He carried the retiring and returning climbers in extreme hailstorms and gliding avalanches. On one such gusty evening he had saved the life of a yogi. He helped through severe storm to rebuild his cave, fed him and supervised his health for following weeks. Indebted Yogi gifted him with special powers. The Sherpa now has the powers of a yogi. 


He can levitate. He can shrink himself to a minute ant like size. He can be the heaviest and beast like. He can tame wild animals and control others reactions to himself. Due to exposure to great altitudes throughout his life, he is genetically adapted to enhanced physical capabilities and high endurance. He is fast and sturdy. He is the safest rescue. The combined powers of a Sherpa and a yogi have rendered him an unconquerable warrior.  He is a potential powerhouse of icy mountains.


This genius is a noted scientist from Greenvault. He is a magnate who has built a fortune for himself as an outcome of his research centre. It’s an understatement to say he is excellent with gadgets and technology. In his juvenile years he would spend the days and weeks lost in science labs. He practically lives among protons and neutrons now. On an ill-fated evening of summer, he lost his arm in an experiment which went out of bounds. He was devastated but it wasn’t in him to accept defeat. With his meticulous efforts he built one for himself by the end of the following year. 


He is skilled to create any form of weapons and explosives. His gadget can scan the opponent’s plan of attack, thus prepare accordingly. He is a shapeshifter and can mend himself as per need. He can be a phoenix who is reborn from ashes after defeat, if he falls that is. He is an ultimate warrior with automated weapons system at his disposal. The robotic ensemble gives him a greater advantage over other human forms by destabilising enemy ground. While at war, not only his weapons do the talking, but also the ingenious planning and skilled usage of his ability.


A Prince within the majestic walls of Albarona was next in line to inherit the throne. But political governance wasn’t his bite of interest nor forte. He renounced the aristocracy and went about to become an august historian who spent years to study the origin of ancient combats across the world. He stumbled upon Egyptian carvings, written in it were primeval fighting techniques. Being a warrior by birth, he found his lost purpose and buried himself in learning the newly found war secrets. He then returned to rule his kingdom. He has been an unbeatable king since then.


The scripts have revealed to him the mysterious weapons and where to find them. These weapons were unique combination of spears, axes, hammers and chisels with pointed venomous liquid at the end. He now knows to bend the bones of enemy with least effort. His focus is extreme and has given him mighty dominance over opponents.  An able prince turned a Herculean warrior king can wage ferocious battles of vast dimensions and return only as victorious.


He is an able investigative officer working for a secret government agency. He has an army of soldiers inside him. He is an institution himself.  After his family was murdered in a massive theatre shooting, he lost his will to survive and continued to live in a trance. Once he gained back his senses, he pledged to avenge every criminal by hook or crook.


He is super charged and his spirits are high as a mountain. He is training hard showing no signs of fatigue. Firearms or his bare hands, he has conquered them all. Off late he has trained himself to shoot from a long range. A sniper in him has given him control over high grounds. This fighter has vowed to keep his enemy at bay at any cost. He is a robust warrior who will conquer over every form of evil.


She is the modern day bandit feared by the lawbreakers and lawmakers alike. She speaks her heart and stands for virtues. She reigns the streets of North Dakota with her friends whom she considers her prized possessions. She belongs to this group of nine since she gained her senses. She remains estranged from her family, and so do others of her group. They thieve and kill for livelihood. She robs from the corrupt and punishes the culprits with pride. She will stop at nothing in her cleansing mission. She runs her own judicial system in town. 


She is freaky smart with an aptitude for warfare. She is crazy quick with shotguns and knives. She can corner the enemy in no time and put his motor senses at rest forever. Her unorthodox fighting skills powered with bizarre techniques of attacking, make it impossible to ascertain her next moves. She brings a storm with her and destroys the floating injustice. She is a contemporary warrior against tyranny and atrocities of society.


A student and a clever fox who knows his way around things. He is witty as well as a self-sufficient machine of muscles. He is perfectly capable of winning hearts and wars. He was raised to breathe independent of the circumstances by the wondrous ways of the world. His mind works in mysterious ways in catastrophic conditions. He can bring himself safely out of dangers of grave nature. He once survived an aircraft crash and recovered from a fall from the cliff.  Surfing the dangerous tides of the Pacific waters and kickboxing are his core interests. He aims to save lives and is training to be a guardian of the coasts someday.


With his abs that of a swimmer and hands that of a blacksmith, he can turn down the spirits of a cyclone. His arms possess the strength to alter the course of a raging bull. He can send back the gang of beasts torn in pieces. He can get into computing systems and come out without leaving a trace. He can break open the intricate security networks. He is known in his town to be the point of contact for any crisis. He is a new age warrior with a key-bunch to open a million latches.


This winsome persona hails from the suburbs of a beautiful Island called ‘Dustharbor’. He is eager to manipulate with his mellow talks and smile of superficial nature. High intelligence flows through his skin. However, his intentions aren't as much white. The killings he witnessed in front of his eyes have left him abandoned for life. Screams he heard behind locked doors trigger his impulses to the slightest discomfort. A sense of superiority hovers always over his mind.


He is capable of harm, too much harm. He is courageous and feels no fear. His hands don’t quiver when he goes for a kill. Singlehandedly he takes down the gang of brutes. Without a blink he can rip apart the flesh from the body. He has an itching for weapons. He craves for the heat in guns. If only all this is put in right direction, he will be a great warrior of his time. This psychopath with his prowess can prove fatal to his enemies.


She is a mighty warrior with an unflinching courage. She is a black belt in martial arts from Silverford. She is a woman with tough looks and stern stares. She is no stranger to sweat and dirt. Her eyes sparkled when she spoke of her fist fights, street combats and horse rides.  Her smile redefined beauty. While she indulged in rare hobbies for girls her age, her father, a retired Army General, took it upon himself to toughen her up further. Father daughter duo woke up before dawn and trained relentlessly in less frequented hilltop of the town. He found it as a welcome distraction from his suffering of missing a right limb when he fought at war. She was punctual and motivated and this impressed him. He narrated instances from war to increase her tolerance levels and improve focus.


Her self-control and defences were fortified. Her knockout techniques were impeccably polished. Her defeating skills are now precision incarnate. Rear foot stances and closed fist blocks are her best strikes. She has mastered in front kicks which can severely injure the opponent. Her attempts at landing strong blows over torso and head are always a hit. She has great advantage with different weapon systems such as knives, sticks and swords. She is an ultimate warrior with training of military sorts.


He is a giant who comes from an endangered tribe of Amazon forests. He is an alpha male with inborn qualities of a leader. He is brawny and bulky. This mountain of a man is just above 7ft tall. He is a hunk with a heart of a warrior. He has your back even while he rests. When his tribe was threatened and cornered by a callous hunter clan of the neighbourhood, the members of the tribe were subjected to barbaric acts in the name of war. He devised a counterattack and fought with bravado. He dislodged the enemy from his homeland with thunderous strikes and took back the control. He was declared the undisputed leader of his tribe.  This superhuman can squeeze the enemy through his bulging muscles. He can crush their bones and ribs in minutes. His rock-hard sense of responsibility coupled with majestic attacks, has made him a respected leader. He is a muscular brute deeply appreciated by all. He is an ultimate warrior who will go to extreme lengths to safeguard his tribe.

Iron Storm

A teenager and an explosive warrior born out of struggles of young age. The troubled mind gave way to an amplified persona.  Today he houses prominent forms of power inside him.  A diamond in the rough turned out to be true to its potential. He is a dormant volcano. He is everything that he wasn't before but always wanted to be. He was an introvert and frail. Trauma of childhood bullying had bottled his courage. He was emotionally and socially stunted. He was dominated by the group of brats in school that has left him intimidated and scarred for life. This was until his divine providence came to light. His father during his sunset years disclosed a powerful family legacy to him in a classic cloak and dagger style. He presented him with a gadget/suit which has special powers to transform him into an armoured and magnified figure. A strong warrior with a million skillset is thus born.


His suit is robust, has the highest endurance. No weapon can break it open. He has swift reaction time to attacks. He thinks in whirlwind fashion. His ability to judge the opponent's next move is never a miss. His head-bangs like that of a bull and power jacked kicks can send an enemy flying backwards. His ironclad punches create craters that are meters deep. He wanders savouring the infinite possibilities the legacy has brought on to him.