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Belonging to the realm of ancient Gods, the sword marks bravery and valor in its highest levels. In an arduous battle of over a fortnight amidst perilous circumstances accompanied by thunderbolts and lightening, the Gods fought and won over the demons from the galaxy who had declared the skies as their kingdom. Since then, the sword is known to possess the cardinal powers of the God to fight wicked and immoral influences. It secretly brings out the penitence in those who have wronged and indulge in sinful actions. The scabbard holding this fascinating sword carries an equally compelling history. It was created to cleanse the sword of abrasions and evil spirits lingering after the war. It sharpens the serrated edges of sword and maximizes the glitter of victory. The quillion mounted between blade and hilt, fashions firm grip to counter enemy attacks.

The sword is a supreme killer with swings oscillating between damage and death. In a short distance attack, it wounds the opponent with a powerful ground fall followed by blasts. In an ultimate attack from long distance, it traps the opponent with shatterproof chain locks and kills in subsequent strikes from sword.

Marble Surface



Hammer is a monstrous weapon used to bang with thunderous outcome, reverberating up to several miles. Dated millions of years ago, this fearsome weapon adorned the kingdom of Norse gods and Romans where it was known to budge mountains and shift heavy vehicles overseas. Initially used for livelihood purposes, later it turned into attack weapon capable of pounding into pieces. Hammer imprints itself over the one possessing it and secretly imparts energy capsules. Post this procedure the Hammer shall belong only to its master, obeying his demands alone. It remains loyal forever and appears before him as soon as summoned anywhere and anytime. Hammer can hit harder with less efforts due to the firm hold on long sturdy handle. It gives more control to the defender. It comes handy while swinging the weighted head to deliver impact of heavyweights. A blow from Hammer leaves the enemy gasping for breath. One can even aim with precision and throw the hammer at the enemy. When planning to attack from long distance, the hammer grounds the enemy and makes him immobile for minutes, and one can reach out for the final blow.

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The daggers, symbolic of freedom and sacrifice, betrayal and revenge, are declared as major weaponry of the Wizards of Dark wood forest. A dagger with two sharp edges is best used for thrusting and stabbing. Daggers have been used throughout the history of Dark wood forest in close combats. They intend to live their life in a way to showcase a necessary balance between the good and the evil. Everyone owns a pair of daggers to exercise control over their instincts and also for protection purpose in case of an ambush. Daggers are small but quirky. One can stab the enemy from short distance or throw the pointed daggers from long distance aiming right. In both the situations enemy is injured and lay lifeless. In an ultimate attack one can advance towards enemy in a cyclonic fashion, twisting and turning, thrusting the enemy on reaching and returning to his original place in no time.

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An Axe is the very first weapon created in the Dark Wood forest under the leaden sky which housed tall oak and pine trees with venomous barks. An aggressive weapon of ancient warfare of the wizards, when thrown with a head splitting force, renders the nemesis fatally damaged. An Axe with its broad blade has the capacity of tyrannizing the enemy land causing devastating wounds. One can increase the cleaving power with repeated hits or pull down the shield of an opponent by hooking onto it. The wrought iron axe head has mystic features which bring down a rain of potions upon an enemy. This liquid carries a potential to slow down the enemy for a definite period thus easing out the final blow. Cutting edge of axe is made of a metal which transfers a poisonous substance into the enemy skin on being hit. It’s a quintessential weapon for spectral encounters

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An institute extensively known for inventing ultra-modern weapons and gadgets for destruction of varied capacity was all hush about its new project. Biochemical weapons for mass destruction and ammunitions with enhanced effects had put the world on edge of its next discovery. The institute was working round the clock for creating a distinct gun type. World’s deadliest weapon with a unique blend of rapid combustion and mechanical compression was in the making. It’s skilled to propel the bullet at maximum speed and possesses combined features of both sniper and handguns. Lethal gunpowder was manufactured and used for combustion. Such gun type comes with huge recommendation and makes for effective defense weapon with quick action capabilities. Advantage lies in being able to shoot multiple bullets or nonstop until an enemy is down completely. When shot with precision at short range, it can inflict harm and prove fatal. At long range shots it traps the target and confines him to the place. It freezes the enemy for minutes, where one can go reach him and complete the kill. In an ultimate attack, one can bring in the power of a grenade leaving the opponent withering in pain. With gun in hand, one is a step closer to the win.

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Shield is a sacred symbol of defense used extensively in the famous battle between the Gods and demons. It was wielded as a bulwark against arrows, weapons and all war personnel. It was then concealed from everyone in a far-off island filled with mysteries. Since then it is said to present itself to the most deserving, only in times of great need.  Shield builds a shroud of safety of multiple layers around where one remains unaffected by grave catastrophes. One enters a safe zone protected all kinds of enemy attacks for a limited time. An enemy will fail every time he tries to breach this safe haven.

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The Dark Wood forest plays host to several supernatural theories and magical weapons. One such highly recommended power is the Invisibility. Centuries ago the forest was invaded by violent creatures that ruthlessly attacked the wizardry clan. While fighting the cause, the wizard leader found a sapphire crystal tied to one of the tree trunks, like it was waiting to be discovered. On clutching the stone in his closed fist, he was astonished to find himself invisible. Elated on this new-found wonder, he further with his other worldly powers extended this power invisibility to the entire forest. He thus averted the dangers cast upon his clan. Since then it’s been used extensively to stay put from calamities of high magnitude and gruesome encounters. One can move undiscovered in the enemy land. One can remain invisible for a definite time. With passing time it’s been tailored and upgraded to suit the needs. Invisibility remains an ultimate defense power to date.

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Speed is enticing. Speed triggers the most of us. While speed can be fascinating, it can prove to be useful in the battlefield with the conquer. Such speed if supplied in abundance can do wonders for those in need in wars and defense. Such elements of speed are made available through a gadget, extensively developed inside the lab of an institute which claims of inventions most favorable to human race. This gadget when worn as a wristband works to increase the speed bars, auto calculating ones requirements. In circumstances of lessened power or shortage of arms, one's speed comes at their rescue. With speed at their disposal, one can escape the scene, secure oneself from the hunt, take some time off and return to the war field with a counter attack. The defender can save himself from the situation of terror, only to return more powerful. Speed serves as an ultimate power of defense when in crisis mode.

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Over the centuries several scientists across the globe were obsessing over the concept of instantaneous travel between two locations without crossing the intervening space. Development in Time travel and Teleportation had gained great momentum when one ingenious scientist proved it for real. He invented a gadget of exponential complexity and made it possible to travel from one point to another without physically crossing the distance between them. Teleportation isn’t simply for travel, its a boon when used in battlefield or spatial blitz. In the line of attack, one can simply disappear and reappear someplace else, on sensing eminent danger or shortage of power and ammunitions. It provides a temporary uplifting when much required. One can thus gain advantage along with time to re-plan an attack strategy. A person who is able to teleport himself is a welcome inclusion.

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High Jump


Imagine a person being able to jump really high in air unaided and land on ground on his feet unshaken and ready for next action. Taking inspiration from one such game from Scottish Highlands, bio scientists devised an altered gene system to facilitate such enhanced capabilities otherwise not possible. An injected human with mutated gene can jump over towering obstacles of great lengths by either plunging himself completely over the hurdle or splitting legs over the distance in scissors fashion.  Many squaddies and servicemen envisaged this concept as a great defense mechanism in combats. On encountering a perilous situation, one can jump over quickly asserting great force and move away from enemy. It can be further helpful to jump over and hard land on enemy thus crushing him to the ground. An ability to jump high is a much desired and promising line of action in battlefield.